Parts & Service

We’re serious about service and support

Anyone who owns heavy equipment will tell you that proper operator training, regular maintenance, and a fast track to necessary parts are the keys to productivity and profits. Richmond Machinery & Equipment Company (RM&E) take its role in all aspects of the process very seriously.


When you specialize like we do, you get to know your equipment inside and out. Our factory-trained specialists are qualified to take you and your team through a complete orientation to your new equipment and to teach your crew how to operate it. Periodically, we offer educational seminars on specific construction techniques and the related equipment systems.


RM&E is fully equipped to help you maintain your equipment in the field and at our Richmond facilities. We offer regular maintenance and comprehensive off-season evaluations that ensure you remain up and running at peak performance.


Having people and projects stalled and waiting for the arrival of a $50 part is among a contractor’s greatest frustrations. Our factory-trained specialists are on call to offer the best in mechanical, technical, and application troubleshooting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We take our role in these critical areas very seriously. In over eighty years of business, we know that a customer who experiences superior service is far more likely to make their next major purchase with an organization that is a proven provider.

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